Pink Ribbon Wax Melt Bar (Orange Grove)
Pink Ribbon Wax Melt Bar (Orange Grove)

Pink Ribbon Wax Melt Bar (Orange Grove)

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Identical to a freshly peeled juicy ripe orange. The wax ribbon is infused with dried rose petals to give it's pink colour.

Our Pink Ribbon wax melt bars proudly suppors the "Prevent Breast Cancer" charity. 100% of the profits from the sale of every single one of these bars gets donated to this fantastic cause, so you can feel great about doing your bit and you get a treat for yourself for doing so! Please click here to find out more about this worthy cause.

*Only a limited number of these bars are made. Once each different scent sells out, it will be replaced with a completely new one so make sure to grab this one while you can! This is the first edition.

- Approx 80 Hours Burn per bar
- Vegan friendly
- Eco conscious
- Fully biodegradable packaging
- No colours or dyes
- Made in Yorkshire with local supplies
- 100% soy wax